Dolch Word Page

Mrs. Perkin's Dolch Words

PDF, Word and Powerpoint

Dolch Word Assessments
Dolch Sight Word Books

Interactive books

Mrs. Holloways Dolch Word Activites

Drag the Dolch word into the sentence.

Jan Brett's Dolch Word Fashcards

I downloaded the cards,punched holes in the corner

and put them on a ring for students to practice.

Dolch Words Eric Database

Kid’s Lab


Dolch Words and Sight Words

Dolch Word Lists

Dolch Words Preschool-Grade 3

AVKO Research Foundation

Teaching Dolch words with word families.

Dolch Word Lists with Nouns

Download a word list and page of pictures (They are nouns)

This allows you to make rebus pictures.

Interactive Dolch Word Practice

Try this fun interactive challenge game where the visitor can

be drilled on these words and hear on the internet any words

he/she can't read.


Dolch Word Phrases

Type in word and receive virtually every rhyming word in English.

Note on the bottom of the page: Pictures and Bible concordance for words.

Dolch Word Page


Mrs. Ross' Dolch Workbook

Workbook PDF

Letter to parents to introduce the Workbook AppleWorks

Dolch Word Kit

 Dolch Sight Word Test


Pre-Primer 1

Pre-Primer 2

Pre-Primer 3


Level 1-2

Level 2-1

Level 2-2

Level 3-1

Level 3-2

Dolch Sentence Test

Dolch Sentence Test Directions

Dolch Sentence Test

Dolch Sentence Test/Student Sample

Dolch Story

all 220 Words in one story

Word colored

text all in black

Dolch Story in Color

Word Poster

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